Thanks to all the tribe who came to help us create such a beautiful and inspiring gathering this year! Check out the video below for some beautiful memories from the event. We are currently searching for a new venue for 2019
(if you have any suggestions, please let us know at [email protected]).

We’ll be back next year with another transformational fusion of shamanic ceremonies, yoga practices, healing therapies, music, dance, and performances!



Yoga, dance, martial arts and circus classes for all levels to move and energize your body

Cultivate your knowledge with leading speakers, shamans and facilitators

Ignite your spirit and nourish your soul with performances, ceremonies and healing arts


Whether you want to volunteer, present or perform, sell delicious food or artisanal crafts, please get in touch with us.

We are currently accepting submissions.

Accepted applicants will be contacted as soon as possible!

Agni is for the whole family

Agni is a gathering suitable for the whole family! Families with children are very welcome to come and enjoy the festival, and there will be activities especially for the little ones too.
Kids under 16 years old have FREE ENTRY.

We ask that children be accompanied at all times.
The festival organization will not be responsible for any minors.

Gates will open from

Thursday 7 June at 3:00pm

You can arrive to site from Thursday 7 of June at 3:00pm and leave by Monday 11 of June at 10:00am

Friday – Sunday activities will start from 7:00am and the latest time of evening performances and music will be 2:00am

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about Agni Festival.