Let your Body move and explore, your Mind expand and grow and your Soul sing and vibrate!

Wherever you are in your personal journey, there will be a lot to practice at AGNI.
Classes for all levels and styles to move and connect to your body.


Vinyasa · Ashtanga · Yin · Dharma · Iyengar · Acroyoga

AGNI means “inner fire” in Sanskrit and Yoga is one of the foundations of the festival offerings. Practice a variety of styles with experienced teachers, and discover new depths in your yoga practicing in the beautiful natural festival grounds.


Contact Improvisation · Ecstatic Dance · Belly Dance · Indian Classical Dance · Butoh

At AGNI movement in many forms is explored and celebrated. From belly dancing to butoh, and from classical styles to the wildest free dancing as the dancefloor gets ecstatic, AGNI Spirit is a delight for all lovers of dance, movement and contact.


Kalaripayattu · Chi Gong

Connect to your inner strength through powerful practices offered by experienced teachers of internal and external martial arts.


Clown · Hula-Hoop · Poi · Trapeze

Connect to the world of circus and performance arts with workshops on various physical practices to challenge your balance and enhance your creativity!

Cultivate your knowledge about a range of important topics with intimate talks and workshops on holistic health, conscious ecology and spiritual traditions.


Meditations will be held daily, with different focus and intention – exploring practices from sitting in stillness, to dynamic Osho and Sufi meditations, opening the mind to presence, clarity and the infinite nature of the Self.


A range of talks and workshops to tickle your curiosity, expand your consciousness, and develop more knowledge. From Permaculture to Eco-design, consciousness to psychedelics, community living and other explorations.


You will be able to learn more about what Shamanism is and how to start your own journey of self-discovery and realization, with representatives from various shamanic traditions.

From ceremony, to performance, to deep healing arts, Agni will ignite your spirit and nourish your soul.


AGNI features many different ceremonies, intentionally-focused rituals that help us shift our consciousness to transform our perspective, and remove physical, emotional and mental blockages to unlock hidden potentials. This year will feature men’s and women’s circles, homa (fire ceremony), shamanic yoga, cacao ceremony and temazcal (sweat lodge ceremonies).


Our team of therapists will create a dedicated space to receive massage and other treatments, giving you time to connect deeply with your own life force and open to the profoundly transformational energy of the AGNI Spirit gathering. This year we will enjoy a range of therapies: Shamanic Treatments, Thai Yoga Massage, Ayurvedic Massage, Craneo-Sacral, Trauma Releasing, Sound Healing and Quartz Bowls.


Art and Music are the heart of AGNI and an integral part of the festival experience! Live performances, DJs, kirtan and vocal workshops – not to mention spontaneous jamming! – all guide the festival flow, melding with ecstatic dance, and the special co-creative energy of our opening and closing ceremonies. There will be music every night and great artists sharing their talent with us. Live art, Circus, Dance and Fire performances will also be present this year!

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