Agni Spirit Festival is a co-creative gathering that celebrates mindful living. Come and share this celebration of yoga, arts, creativity, shamanism and conscious community in a beautiful natural property north of Barcelona.

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The Lake

The festival will enjoy access to the Boadella Lake from the same property La Solana. The lakeshore is just 2 minutes from the centre of the festival and the water is pure and crystalline. We invite you to swim whenever you want.

NOTE: There will NOT be lifeguards by the water, so please be careful, especially if you bring kids.

Camping / Campervans

There will be a specific area to camp with your tent. In this area you won’t be able to enter with your car. The parking is around 500m away. Remember that you must bring all your camping equipment with you!

There will also be a zone dedicated for campervans and mobile homes. In this area there will be no connection to mains electricity. In the whole camping area, please avoid the use of speakers, especially after 10pm.


The element of water is very present at La Solana and we have the good fortune to have natural sources of drinkable mineral water throughout the property. Bring your own bottle to refill whenever you like at the points indicated. Stay hydrated!

Leave No Trace

The property at La Solana de Riambau is a natural treasure, and the proposal of Agni is not to be detrimental to the state of the land or water. For this we ask:

  • Avoid leaving any rubbish whatsoever on site
  • If you smoke, please bring a sealable portable ashtray
  • Please don’t use the fields as a public toilet! Use the compost toilets in the parking area or the toilets in the main house
  • If you’re in camping, we’ll offer you a trashbag to place your personal rubbish and we ask that you carry it with you offsite at the end of the festival
  • Bring your own glass/cup to avoid excess plastic use and protect the environment.


If you are thinking of bringing a pet, please advise us ahead of time so that we’ll know how many animals we’ll have on the property. There is a limit to the number of dogs we can have. Write us at [email protected]


Agni means fire in Sanskrit, and although we’ll have fire in the festival it is totally PROHIBITED to have any fire in the camping zone or forest as the Empordà has a high fire risk. Thanks for your collaboration on this!

MAP AGNI Spirit Festival



With your general camping ticket you will get access to the festival, all the activities & performances, and use of the facilities and site during your stay.



There will be a range of food options available at the festival from morning to night. In the mornings we’ll have a fresh, natural superfood smoothie stand and through the day you’ll be able to get main meals from vendors cooking Italian, Moroccan, Middle Eastern, Indian and fusion cuisine. You’ll need cash to pay the vendors!



You will need cash to receive individual treatments from our team of therapists. For treatments there’ll be timeslots available throughout the festival, and you’ll be able to sign up for them at the Information Point. Also some ceremonies like Temazcal, Cacao & Shamanic Yoga will require a supplement of 10€. You’ll also be able to reserve your place for these ceremonies at the Information Point. The food and artisan vendor stands will also only accept cash. THERE ARE NO CASH MACHINES ON SITE!



Agni is a gathering suitable for the whole family and families with children are very welcome come and enjoy the festival. The place is ideal for kids with lots of space, a lake, horses, chickens, a garden, and above all, activities specially for them! Kids under 16 years old have FREE ENTRY. We ask that children be with their parents 24h a day. The festival organization will not be responsible for any minors.



AGNI is a completely bilingual event with a very international community. The main general information and activities will be in both English and Spanish, and there will be workshops in one language or the other and also bilingual ones. You can always ask for translation to some of our team members!


You will need to be self sufficient with your accommodation. Bring camping equipment, towel, swimming gear, head torch, water bottle, a cup, yoga mat, and anything you need to have a great time!

Gates will open from

Thursday 7 June at 3:00pm

You can arrive to site from Thursday 7 of June at 3:00pm and you can leave on Monday 11 of June at 10:00am

Friday – Sunday activities will start from 7:00am and the latest time of evening performances and music will be 2:00am

How to get there

COORDENATES: 42.338304, 2.798217

By Car

From Barcelona, take AP-7 towards France. Take exit 4 and continue direction France following signs to Sant Llorenç de la Muga. Warning! Don’t take exit 3, coming from Barcelona!

From France, take AP-7 towards Barcelona. Take exit 3 and follow signs to Llers! Continue following signs to Sant Llorenç de la Muga.

After the road sign indicating the village’s name “Sant Llorenç de la Muga”, you will pass over a bridge. Just after this bridge and before a curve, you have to turn right. You will see a sign that says “Solana de Rimbau – Can Gener”, continue 2km on this road until the pavement ends. At this point, take the dirt road to the right following the indication “Can Gener”. 
After 1km you will be at Solana de Riambau and Agni Spirit Festival!

By Public Transport

There are regular trains to Figueres , and from the bus station in front of the train station there is a SARFA bus  to Albanyà that stops at Sant Llorenç de la Muga. Daily schedule is:

6:12h  •  14:42h  •  18:57h

From Sant Llorenç is 3km that you can easily walk (around 30min, see the directions by car above).


Taxi: A taxi from Figueres costs about 35-40€ per car.
Phone number: 972 500 008

AGNI Transport

Book your seat to come to the festival:

From Figueres train station: 12€

Figueres-La Solana

From Sant Llorenç de la Muga: 5€

Sant Llorenç-La Solana

Car Sharing

This option is ideal to share costs of petrol and tolls, meet new friends, and help to create less pollution! Here is a spreadsheet for ridesharing –

Share a ride

Get Involved

Whether you want to volunteer, collaborate, sell delicious food or art craft, please get in touch with us. We are currently accepting submissions.